Whatchu talking about, Lilis?

I see you place an orange on your head. You do a dance, and I wish I could paint you as you are. When I saw you looking into the mirror with your sad eyes, I wish I could have stopped their reckless words. I find you lovelier each year.

Remember how you stopped those kids from smashing that baby squid? You ran over and you shoved that fat kid away. You brought it back to sea. You are a Disney princess. I remember how you held that hummingbird until it was ready to fly again.

I like the way you look in the mornings. I like the way you look in the moonlight. I like the way you are wherever we’ll go. I like the way you are here at home with me.

Remember how you sat on the handlebars with your hair blowing? I remember how still you sat, but I remember your smile most of all. You are my E.T., and I don’t mean you’re some scrotum-faced alien. I mean I can’t keep you a secret forever. I want everyone to know how lovely you are.

I hope you laugh. I hope you smile when you read this. It is as you told me. I wish you can see yourself like how I see you.