Meh Heh Weh Meh

I like to write to music. I like to write about colors. I like to imagine my brain bleeding, oozing, overflowing with ideas. Take a plunger and extract this mental, mystery goo. Splat it on paper. No it’s not shit color. It’s beautiful brain goo color. I like to imagine it sparkles like diamonds.

I like to imagine chasing clouds on my plane. My goggles are strapped to my head, and I’m zipping around. The wind is so cold it cracks my face. My skin is like the dirt floor when it’s a drought. The clouds are so big, they look like mountains. They’re like mountains of melted vanilla ice cream. I’d like to fly by with a spoon, and take a dollop. If you don’t think daisy, then you’re not as mindless as I am. Welcome to my intrusive thoughts. Come along for a ride. I promise it might be weird.

This was the latest of my happiness. It was a sunny, hazy day. The spring breeze came, and we were swinging. We watched the bees gather pollen among the weeds. I like to imagine it’s a bug’s life kind of thing for them. They’re at work, but we’re not on Saturday. I told myself to remember this moment because I’m going to need it through the week.  Not sure what that says about my happiness. But it’s okay because I found myself smiling. I don’t remember having to remember happiness.

I remembered it rained on my parade. It rained for a while, and eventually I thought I liked the rain. Thinking back, I’m not sure what changed. But when I was drenched, I never imagined I’d see a day of sunlight again. I guess it’s always a good time to practice patience. It just sucks when you got water in your eyes.

I imagine I’m fishing in a small boat in a big pond. I like to imagine it’s foggy, but there’s a big ass mountain silhouette right in front me. I hear the owls hooting, and the trees rustling. If there’s a place like this in the real world, I’d like to see it for myself. But I’d probably worry about big ass fish looking at the silhouette of my boat. That looks tasty.

This is the easiest writing. I don’t have to hide it in any shape or form. I’m just perfectly and terribly Alan. Now, I just wish I could be this in life, in every moment.