Love, you and I

Love, the moon

I took you from your home. I took you in my hands, into my pockets, and into my skin. I watched you wilt for some time, and I tried to water you –give you some sunlight.  It was a dark room –the room we shared. I really tried to let in the sunlight, but I think most of the time I wanted to hide away. You didn’t grow the way I wanted you to, and I’d like to blame myself as your taker. Because I didn’t see you for you, and I tried to be everything.

The floor has been ripped from beneath my feet. I’m floating, and my past has left me. I’m not me anymore. You’re not you anymore.  I promised you myself. You promised me yourself. But we’re something else now.

I thought we were a dream. I tried to be that.


Love, the sun

We found another when we were broken. You took my hands into your pockets and we shared the same skin. We found water and some sunlight. It was a dark room, but it was enough we had each other. You asked me to open the curtains when the room got too dark. We hid away because we were hurting. We grew the only way we could. We were one another’s world.

My mind’s in the clouds. My feet are grounded, and we’re moving to better things.  It takes so long, but I’m happy I have you by my side.

We’re a dream.


Love, the earth

We had our nights and we had our days. We left our room, and we were supposed to go dancing. We didn’t have to hide away anymore.

I think it’s time to wake up. I think it’s time to say goodbye. I hope we grow in all the ways we wished we could.