I surrender to the complete unpredictability of life. Nothing has ever played out as I had imagined. And I think that holding to any expectation leads only to disappointment. This isn’t to say one shouldn’t plan for or invest in the future. That’s probably exactly what one should do every day. And that’s disguised as work –whether it’s creating or practicing or whatever. But our ideas of the future are hardly ever concrete, and nothing is ever guaranteed to yield results. Therefore, it seems one must blindly sow seeds and reap whatever sprouts whenever they sprout. I remember attending a writing conference a year ago, and a guest speaker advised everyone to remain flexible. She said people who hold onto their dreams so firmly are more likely to be disappointed. A year ago, I thought she gave up on her dreams and it was an issue of conviction. Today, I realize she’s a lot older and smarter than I am.  I’m trying to welcome and accept the many detours necessary to achieve dreams. And I open myself to the possibility that my dreams might change. The whole journey not the destination cliché is making more sense to me. I have somewhat of a destination, but I might as well just enjoy the ride. I want to be running with the cart instead of being excruciatingly dragged along. And in the end I’ll always have writing.