Remember roses and beer on your table,

chicken salad in the late afternoon,

when I wrapped you from behind,

Christmas day, and I already gave you your gift,

those nights we were lost and we walked

until we found home

Remember the fights that broke us

Remember the scars I gave you

and how alone I felt with you

Remember that I left you first

Remember cuddles in the cold,

nights we drove away not a word to anyone

when I lost my mind and I saw you in lights

You were my angel, but I let you go

Remember how I ran to you

Remember how I ran from you.

Remember how you were never enough

Because I wasn’t enough.

Remember eggs in the morning,

And I drove you to the airport so you can say goodbye to him.

Remember how we screamed until we went insane and I miss you so much.

You told me to remember all the times I hurt you so I can understand how poorly I treated you. I can’t stop remembering. You tell me he treats you right, and I can only be happy for you. I did this to us. I want you to be happy. I don’t want to hurt you anymore.