Come back home to me where we can grow better memories. It’s been a long road away from you, and I finally saw parts of me I didn’t accept. But I came back and I’m here plucking the weeds and I’m making it right for you. I’ll dust these rooms and I’ll patch the holes I made with my own two hands. Come back home to me and let me relearn to talk to you. I want to relearn how to argue with you, and I promise I’ll always come back if I step outside. I’m sorry I hurt you when I was young. I’ll work on this every day. I’ll chase away our ghosts that haunts this place. I’ll wash the sheets so you can sleep comfortably. I bought this blanket for us. And you can come home when you feel like it. And if you never want to, then that’s all right too. Don’t feel guilty and don’t be angry with me, please. I won’t blame you. You deserve to do what you want and see who you want to see; I want you to be happy and you want me to be happy. But this makes me happy. So take your time, take however long you need. I’ll leave the light on for you.