My mind is like my room, which I need to clean

When I see your car model, I get excited it’s you. I’m retracing our steps. Through the parks, I see our ghosts. I lie down where we should have laid down. I confess I don’t know the extent to how I’ve changed. I’m premature with my proclamations. Today, I feel at peace. It’s up in the air whether we’ll be together again. And it’s certainly out of my control. In the meantime, I’m going to become something amazing. I can’t pause life… It’s a lot of work just to take a few steps forward, but doing nothing, staying still seems like death.

I just gotta find my peace. Remind myself sometimes the little joys I encounter daily is enough. Those things are meant to be savored. I ate too many cookies. What else… Keep myself busy. Try to do work when I feel down, and to meditate. Keep the adventures coming. Talk and listen to strangers more. All good things. I hope you’re happy and I hope you sleep enough.