Pasadena Wandering

The slight trickle of Spanish fountain,
the silent garden of a night’s wandering.
Stillness of air, distant women laughter
and dim lights, silhouettes of diners –I am unwell.
Mosaic walls, strangeness meddled –California Pizza Grill
Surrender surreality of time; I had been here before
As another person in your hands

A sprout before Church bells –tall and casting
Ringing of a wedding, singing and toll toll toll
Reality was reality; I had been thankless
Profundity comes at a price
A smile forced, another drag of smoke –poison
To quell my head. Futility

Astral projecting –my being to you in China
Sail the Yangzi River, rice patty hats
Tourists, but the best kind. Take your spirit
As we fly to Paris,
Ghosts, we stroll through drenched streets.
A dream of a dream, you and me
Back to me. Back to you. Serenity.