Acid Trip Epiphany Articulated – Happiness

There is no higher state of happiness; the things we think would make us happier, maybe money or love, are exactly that because they are inaccessible. We are infatuated with the idea of chasing happiness. The things we want are the things we can’t in anyway, in the next moment, obtain. It’s like I wish I had a thousand dollars, but obviously I won’t get that any time soon.  Well I think happiness becomes layered then. First layer, I think of what tangibly, materialistically, and realistically obtainable would provide me happiness: a nice cup of Lee’s coffee, a cigarette in the morning haze, maybe sex. But then these things are fleeting moments of happiness as well. The energy from caffeine has ran its course. The cigarette burned out. The orgasm reached. We’re down another layer now. If these things can only provide momentary happiness, then what is a more stable form happiness? It becomes obvious nothing of the flesh and senses. Happiness then becomes a wrangle with the psyche because it is immaterial. Self acceptance. Self development. The Self. Conversations about emotions and psychological development are intensely gratifying for me because they seem to address the problem itself. It is surrender to your circumstance. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for growth. It’s just happiness at the present, which is oddly the only form of happiness we can experience. So I guess a person should relieve themselves of chasing happiness. Love oneself. Love the people in our lives. Love our disastrous situation. But then keep improving. Keep sowing seeds for happiness…

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