A Link Between Us

song for poem

I hear a calling across my lifetimes
to awaken; to find you.
What castle have you ventured to now?
Where will I find your heart now?
Through the temples, I found courage
the deserts, myself
and the woods, my purpose
across the highlands, across the Great Sea
in all the pottery, nothing of you
but a link between us
I lie awake with the stars, by the sleeping fire
Can you hear the grass shift,
the snow fall atop the mountains,
and the clouds sailing where we flew side by side
Are you shrunken inside the smallest cranny?
Is the moon falling upon your world?
I have asked the winds with song
they point to every direction
but nowhere to you.
Listen! Listen to my heart!
Follow my heart
Of all the battles fought
treasures won, and the friends made
this is for the link between us.