A Happy Mess of the Mind

Dark cold, light of mind
jettison out the warm nest
I made for me myself and I.
Atop the granite, legs swinging
like a kid, Saturdays –quarter horse
outside the riff raff Dim Sum house
singsong Cantonese, loud chatter
and steamy tea. It’s cold as glaciers.
Breakfast nicotine and sugar
I’m smoked salmon. Alaskan deserts,
frozen lakes beneath my feet
the dead and alive, dead lake
alive fish –time dead, and time alive.
I live this flagrant fantasy
can’t stop traveling, moving, jittery
like I’m heated atoms, popcorn pop pop.
But I’m happy –happy from the coffee,
happy from sunlight, a hungry plant
thirsty for food. Skinny, withered
but I’m good good good.