Christmas mix

Best Christmas mix I ever heard – me
The only Christmas songs that matter – me
Better than the radio – also me

I love you and I want to be more supportive

I trace your shape from my memories. When I lose you, I’ll search for you through the dark, the abyss, always. And I won’t stop until I find you smiling back at me. Your presence behind me. Don’t turn back or I’ll disappear. Trust in you. Trust in me. I’m a better man, I won’t make his mistakes. Give me your hand and I’ll lead you away from our tears, my love, my dear, my one. Let me stand before you. There won’t be anyone better because I’m going to keep loving you better. I’ll fight my heaven and hell to return to you. Try to remember I always fought for you. I’m Odysseus, only better. I’ve decided to make my life the life worth living and I can’t imagine it without you.