Has the horizon stolen your breath,
when you crashed upon desert lands
to find nothingness? No, you inhaled
and you knew you were right all along.

Oporto called for me as icy waves
thrashed the ship; conquest and greatness
led me away from you, but our love
will bring me back, this I know.

As you hurled through the heavens,
searching for a new home, you must have
felt the caress of my hand. Here, come here.

Deathly rain fell upon us, the screams of men
the deafening crash, a ship torn asunder
And the waters flooding my lungs.
I reached for you across time, across space
to where, to whom you may be.

You saw my grave upon stones,
across the galaxies, on another home.
And as you shed tears for me,
you knew you were right all along.

I laid by you as me and you as you.
and the universe stretched behind and before us
and somehow I felt it, a disquietude settled
and I knew we will find each other again.