You suffer from evil because you love it secretly and are unaware of your love. You wish to escape your predicament, and you begin to hate evil. And once more you are bound to evil through your hate, since whether you love or hate it, it makes no difference: you are bound to evil. Evil is to be accepted. What we want remains in our hands. What we do not want, and yet is stronger than us, sweeps us away and we cannot stop it without damaging ourselves, for our force remains in evil. Thus we probably have to accept our evil without love and hate, recognizing that it exists and must have its share in life. In doing so, we can deprive it of the power it has to overwhelm us.

Circles. Jung calls it the symbol of life. Alex Atala said it was his interpretation of life from a powerful acid trip. The rise and the fall they are a part of life. Momentum, how one quickly speeds to success and failure… I must dispel the illusion of stability. Accept the precariousness of life… To think I’ve matured enough is folly. To the rise is the fall. I’ve risen and now I’m falling. Turbulence. I am turbulent. Life is microcycles of birth and death until the final death. Buddhism reincarnation birth, age, sickness, death.  Sun and Moon spinning, cycles of day and night. I think I understand a little better; in these cycles pain, suffering, conflict are inevitable. There is no safe haven from these realities. Better to iron oneself into something stronger.

Man stands between emptiness and fullness. If his strength combines with fullness, it becomes fully formative. There is always something good about such formation. If his strength combines with emptiness, it has a dissolving and destructive effect, since emptiness can never be formed, but only strives to satisfy itself at the cost of fullness…


When you notice that your strength is coming to an end and desire sets in, you must withdraw it from what has been formed into your emptiness; through this association with the emptiness you will succeed in dissolving the formation in you. You will thus regain your freedom, in that you have saved your strength from oppressive association with the object. So long as you persist with the standpoint of the good, you cannot dissolve your formation, precisely because it is what is good. You cannot dissolve good with good. You can dissolve good only with evil. For your good also leads ultimately to death through its progressive binding of your force by progressively binding your force. You are entirely unable to live without evil