I went to the temple to make a prayer, or a wish. I do this when I accept I have no control over something. But I’m always with a hopeful heart. I prayed at the main shrine. Then I made my way to the fountain with the bell. You know this one. You’re always the first person I pray for. I made my prayer within seconds and the dime already left my hand. A resounding clank and sparse applause. Thank you thank you. I prayed that you find peace and happiness. I prayed you find a love worthy of you. It’s always the same prayer. There’s lot of love in your life. No one wants you to hurt. I certainly don’t, so why should you hurt yourself. Treat yourself like a good friend would treat you. You don’t have to face your past alone either. But you do have to confront it at some point. Bear your suffering with acceptance. Tell yourself that it’s sharpening you to become better. And if you need to confront me, I’m open to it. Do it on your terms. Truthfully it scares the shit out of me to see you again. Stay safe and watch out for yourself. Eat, drink water, sleep.

If you care…

I found peace when I pushed my body beyond breaking. I have this mentality that my life is going to suck anyways. But if I tell myself i’m making it suck on my terms because I can take it, well its not so bad. I don’t back down lately. Maybe you’re resisting something? It’s hard to be in tune to your body because sometimes you have to do the opposite of what your body tells you. And sometimes you gotta go with the flow. It all sounds mumble jumbo but try to listen to your body. Is it something you can keep pushing, or is it something you need to re-navigate.

Again, while you do this, you gotta eat enough, drink enough water, and obviously sleep to keep your body strong.