About your dream

I’m worried about you. I was about to sleep when I realized you might be confronting your animus. It sounds like you’re having a lot of dreams. I really got into Carl jung and he delves into dreams and how they can be signals for your psyche and your development.

He says you must first face your shadow, which embodies qualities in yourself that you repress, deny, or don’t like. For ex my shadow was my anger, aggression, vanity, and a sense of self. It sounds like you are more outspoken and less timid, more extroverted so maybe you met your shadow already from your Vegas trip and life shit.

Now the animus is different because it deals with your masculine qualities and how you perceive males. Confronting the animus is considered a bigger ordeal than the shadow. And it can make you better or it can destroy you if you let it. I think that’s why you’re having panic attacks. Facing the animus/anima is really scary shit. And often it causes projection. Like how you think other guys will hit you. But they won’t. Not all men will be abusive to you like I was.

But I highly recommend you read the stages of meeting the animus. Jung wrote about a woman patient who had horrible dreams of men attacking her. I don’t remember the details but it all goes back to the self. There is an aspect of your masculine traits and how you perceive males that you need to put into question. You need to confront and face something about yourself in regards to males.  The animus also transforms from different stages depending on your relationship with it. I do believe the first stage deals with being hurt by men or taken advantage?

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But I really hope this helps. All this stuff is really painful and can be disturbing. I really hope you see a psychologist or a therapist as you self reflect.


All this stuff takes a lot of self reflection and meditation. Make sure you watch out for your physical needs. Work out, eat, drink water and sleep.