4 days no smoking
I grit my teeth when I sleep
Too much caffeine
Too much weed
Not enough sleep
I’m not optimal
I’m barely functional
Coffee and jazz, with no cigarettes
I like melancholy jazz
And the jazz that sounds like
you got a bee in your head
No smooth jazz, no elevator music
Jagged jazz, weird jazz, tangent jazz
is where it’s at
I threw the pack away
It’s a sad habit
And I don’t want to be sad anymore
Quit all sad habits.
Trade all future packs
For a pair of running shoes
Buy a good pair and hit the road
Feel my legs shatter and maybe
I’ll find some peace.
Maybe I’ll become a marathon runner
Maybe I’ll remember what it’s like to breathe.


I’m a fucking ray of sunshine
Happy beyond words
I’m the happiest, the bestest
Happy is a persona
Happy is what people like!
Happy is what people respond to
Problem is what do you do when
You’re not happy
And all the people go away

Weh weh weh weh