Spicy Food + Coffee + Yoga = Disaster

My parents & I walked around, searching for a restaurant to eat. I had suggested a noodle place fairly close to where I’m living. But my dad was more drawn to the crowded restaurant across the street. It turned out to be a Hunan place, and I didn’t think much about it. While we waited, I stood outside another restaurant and saw their slogan: “winner winner chicken dinner.” I chuckled to myself. I can’t seem to escape you sometimes. haha I cried spicy tears eating the food you and your family love to eat.

I stood at the open doors of the yoga studio. An early morning breeze swept in and I tried to savor it. The morning birds chirped away and I just thought that it was nice to experience this. After class, I drove to the park and met a woman, Crystal, doing pull ups. We worked out together because I’m feeling really in shape.

The boxing gym was throwing a goodbye party for one of the coaches, Pete. I was invited and saw all the regulars there. It was nice feeling  like i was a part of a family. I sat outside chatting with my coach and two other guys. We watched the construction workers shoot up a wall with nails. “The gym’s gonna close in a year, probably. The landlord wants to sell it. Justin wants to move to Denver. Me. I’m thinking about moving to Florida or New York. Got family there. Let me tell you something, kid. Nothing lasts forever. But it makes you realize you gotta use the opportunities in front of you.”

“I hate Hollywood, but this is the one place I like.”

It seems like we’re all moving towards something, and we’re all apart of this flowing current. And sometimes the current splits and we flow down different streams. It was bittersweet hearing how so many people are moving. Sometimes I wonder if there’s cosmic shifts in the world that causes people to act a certain way. haha.

Today was nice. Bittersweet in a way. Nothing lasts forever. Pain doesn’t last forever. Happiness doesn’t last forever. Love doesn’t last forever. And maybe I finally can appreciate the beauty of that fleetingness.