I haven’t felt good for so long
Food hasn’t tasted good for so long
No one knows you
No one knows what you want
That’s what my friend told me
How lonely to live like this
But I fell off my track. I forgot
My life is suffering and pain
I wanted pleasure again
If I feel like this
How many more years will I have left
I asked my therapist
I keep waiting for that day
When I won’t be like this anymore
When I can have that afternoon
In your arms, falling asleep
The last I see is you
and nothing matters


LA skyline, predawn
all that glitters,
from the night
red dragons on the highway
crawl away from Eden
of another time and place
into the strange land
Hollywood, where
zombies kick trashcans
down the lanes
so you can’t drive;
everyone’s hurting.
Shadowed palms,
the cool breeze sweep
down cracked bourgeois streets
everyday until
I say goodbye
to all this,
what will I miss?