New Goals

My dusty mirror covered with crossed goals says I’m good. I’m not a famous writer yet. I don’t have a psychology degree yet. But everything else is done. Maybe those are like life time goals, and everything I’ve accomplished can be a testament to how much I’ve grown. Anyways, maybe I feel lost lately because I need new goals.

  • Get over heartbreak
  • Tattoo (next week)
  • Move out/ Move away
  • Solo Travel
  • New Job/School
  • Shave the ole mustachio

I remember a while back, I felt the same pain of stagnancy. My mind wanted to be somewhere else, but my conditions mandated that I stay put. It was a strange coincidence that a new friend from yoga class repeated a thought to me that I’ve been trying to process. Robbie is this very interesting surfer/mma fighter/really chill guy, and he almost said it verbatim: the right things and people will find you in the right time. in the meantime just try to enjoy yourself. 

Anyways, where am I going with this? I tend to think I need to have everything right now or I won’t be complete. Like if I don’t have love now, I’ll be lonely for the rest of life. Or if I don’t have a dream job now, I’ll be stuck forever. But this is the truth of impermanence. Just as good things go, bad things go too. When I was in the ring, with my head screaming, my stomach knotted, my arms numb and I unable to raise them, I was able to push through the pain. A few hours later, I had completely forgotten the pain as I was sitting at my desk drinking Lee’s coffee. Happiness has left me, but pain will leave me one day as well. Cycles and cycles until death.

Yesterday was nice. We had a corp date by the beach. Chilled out with some Netflix people. I haven’t been to the beach for a while. I saw us a year ago, walking down the same road.